Cover art "Russian Orthodox Church" by Ray Hudson

Aleutian Noel


Samples from the CD

Cover art "Aleutian Summer Hiking" by Carolyn Reed

Aleut Lullaby


Samples from the CD

Behind the Mask


Samples from the CD

Looking Glass


Samples from the CD

Blue King Crab


"I'm the King!" says this confident little crab! Alaskan composer Lynda Lybeck-Robinson brings this elementary level character piece to life with solid teaching elements, clever lyrics and a jazzy teacher duet.

Available at Hal Leonard

Alaska Sketches


Alaska's resident composer Lynda Lybeck-Robinson vivdly portrays dramatic and impressive scenes of Alaska life in these eight intermediate level piano solos. Perfect for a big recital splash, the variety of styles and pianistic challenges deliver a bonus by sounding much more difficult than they are to play. Great motivation for developing pianists!

Available at Hal Leonard

Cover art "Williwaw" by Sabrina Wilt


"In the Bering Sea's Aleutian Islands, 'williwaw' describes the funnels of spray that whip upward from the whitecaps in a sudden violent wind. Alaskan composer Lynda Lybeck-Robinson captures this energy in a perfectly choreographed sound picture for piano". (HL)

Williwaw received the honor of being selected as one of the NFMC (National Federation of Music Competitions) Bulletin for 2014-2016 for Early Intermediate Piano.

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The Hearts and Hands Project

The Hearts and Hands Project is a non-profit founded to provide:

1] annual $1000 scholarship to graduating senior who has shown exemplary commitment to their music, their ensembles, mentoring, and community service.

2] the Emil Berikoff Memorial fund provides tuition help to students in need

3] each fall, visiting ensembles are brought to Unalaska by the H&HP to perform a concert, school assemblies, and workshops for the students and community. 2010: Tom Grant with Kevin Deitz 2011: "Carib" Caribbean Jazz 2012: Melissa Bledsoe-Fischer "Jazzmom" trio with special vocal jazz workshops by Natalie Wilson

4] every two years a CD of music composed by the students is recorded and manufactured. 100% sales income goes to the non-profit for the above projects

Maiden Voyage - 2007

Encore - 2009

A Song of Us - 2011

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Hearts and Hands Songbooks will be sent as a thank you anyone who donates $50 or more to the Hearts and Hands Project. Donations to the Hearts and Hands Project are Tax Deductible and a receipt will be provided for your records.

The Hearts and Hands Project shall, for the benefit of Unalaska music students, endeavor to plan, coordinate, promote, and develop community service, scholarship and music education opportunities which are not otherwise available in the community of Unalaska, or in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska.

For more information, visit | P.O. Box 504 Unalaska, AK 99685