"First Rate Piece of Work..." Tom Bodett, Author, Humorist and Radio Personality

"[An Aleut Lullaby] is lovely and we've been enjoying it very much. I have 5 and 2-1/2 yr old boys and this is sure to become one of our perennials... I've been handed many heartfelt home- grown Alaska projects over the years and few compare with the depth of talent and quality of production as yours. Top to bottom it is a first rate piece of work."

"Charming version of my dad's song..." Ross Bagdasarian, Producer/Writer/Actor "The Chipmunks"

Dec 2008 "You've done a really charming version of my dad's song. December marks the song's 50th Anniversary and it's unlikely that we would grant a license to a small company like yours, but it was also unlikely that three singing chipmunks would still be entertaining folks after fifty years. So, what the heck, let's do the unlikely. Tell Chris that I said to give you a license." - Ross Bagdasarian

"Aleutian Noel" theme song is like a Norman Rockwell portrait of the fishing community... Sandra Monihan (CDBaby.com review)

"My husband is a huge fan of the Deadliest Catch so I bought this CD from Lynda last year as a gift for him. The "Aleutian Noel" theme song is like a Norman Rockwell portrait of the fishing community and the rest of the songs are beautiful too. Love her version of O Holy Night (my personal favorite) and we're intrigued by her singing in the Aleut language and Russian traditional songs. Her CD: Aleut Lullaby remains my all time favorite, but Aleutian Noel will get constant play on the shuffle starting with this holiday season. I highly recommend this one. The artwork is gorgeous btw. Good work, Lynda - good to see you again."

Incredible... Paul Pike, Lead singer and founder Medicine Dream

"Lynda Lybeck Robinson has composed and produced an incredible new cd entitled "ALEUT LULLABY... the Unangan language pours forth the pride and spirit of the people, for the young and old alike."

Infectious... Ray Hudson, Author, Artist

"Lilting and Beautiful rendition of Simeon Oliver's Aleut Lullaby...infections...delightful...What Could Be More Beautiful than singing these songs with others?... "

Impressive Disc... Daniel Weirich, Program Director KIAL Radio Unalaska

"It really is an impressive disc Lynda. Top notch in all regards. Especially loved the cool dissonances and intervals you chose, both vocally and with some of your synth pads. Cool arrangements of "Rainbow" and the "Brahms Lullaby". Outstanding."

Wow!... Elwin Behnke UMC Music Director, McMinnville OR

"Wow! Your music speaks to me. What does an artist do when they are stuck at the end of the world? You have embraced your surroundings. What is being brought forth from this setting is incredible. In Ang,Ang, Song the voice of Creator Spirit is heard in the childrens voices and laughter set to music. This is awesome. You have given voice to the love and beauty that is the essence of all that surrounds you. Your cd is my new favorite."

An Aleut Lullaby... Peggy (CDBaby review)

"An Aleut Lullaby" is more than lullabies. My whole family loves it! It is tasteful, produced well and is a rich collection of originals and classics. The Brahms Lullaby is exquisite and the songs sung in the Aleut language give a wonderful taste of the rich Aleutian Heritage. This makes a wonderful gift...I have given away several already. My congrats and thanks to the artist...you have outdone yourself."

An Aleut Lullaby... Kelly T. (CDBaby review)

"This is a wonderful CD! I loved it so much that I purchased seven more to give as gifts to friends this holiday season. Everyone is now commenting on the beautiful music and praising Lynda. The cover art is also outstanding. Well done!"

An Aleut Lullaby... Heidi (Van Voris) Lopez (CDBaby review)

"I haven't seen Lynda since 1982 (when we traveled together with a cast of Up With People.) It was a thrill to hear her melodic and soothing music...I definitely get teary every time I play the CD. The music is perfect for little ones or for adults needing relaxation at the end of a long day. Wonderful job, Lynda. I loved it!"

An Aleut Lullaby... Carolyn Eckman (CDBaby review)

"I have played and played this cd over and over again. This is a very artistic composition of words and music I find so inspiring and soothing to my spirit. The Aleut language sung and taught to the young ones is so rewarding. This is my 3rd cd by Lynda Lybeck-Robinson and I can't wait for her next one."

Beautiful, remenicent... Michelle (CDBaby review)

"Lullabies? Not just for babies, this one. Wow. My grandma used to sing me this Aleut Lullaby- never knew anyone recorded it! My children are grown but we heard the CD preview on her website and I'm filling my Christmas list with this one! Alaska fans, heed this call- you need this one"

An Aleut Lullaby... Robert L, MD (CDBaby review)

"I've had the pleasure of a pre-view of this CD and my wife has already ordered 20 for Christmas presents. This is a first rate production. Good work, Ms Lybeck. We've waited 10 years to see you in action again."

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